Behaviour Analyst Autonomous Practice: Transitional Route 2

The application portal for Behaviour Analysts applying using transitional route provisions is now open! Visit to apply for Registration as a Behaviour Analyst Authorizing Autonomous Practice through Transitional Route 2. Psychologists and Psychological Associates who are members of the College will access the application portal via their existing member account.

Applicants can visit the How to Apply: ABA page of the College’s website for further information about becoming registered as a Behaviour Analyst in Ontario. Please refer to the Registration Guidelines for Transitional Route 1, Transitional Route 2, and the Entry Level Route (Supervised Practice) for additional registration information.

Applicants for the Certificate of Registration for a Behaviour Analyst Authorizing Autonomous Practice under Transitional Route #2 (i.e., experienced Behaviour Analysts who have not earned BCBA or BCBA-D certification) must provide evidence, satisfactory to the College, that they:

  • Have practised as a Behaviour Analyst at any point within or during the three (3) years prior to the Regulation coming into force and that they engaged in practice in Canada, or in a jurisdiction that regulates behaviour analysts within the scope of practice of applied behaviour analysis for at least 1500 hours during the four-year period that immediately preceded the date that the applicant submitted their application, AND
  • Are competent to practise as a Behaviour Analyst responsible for independent clinical decision-making.

Applicants encouraged to complete the College’s Self Assessment Tool which has been designed to assist an applicant in deciding whether to apply to the College under Transitional Route 2.

Note:  An applicant who cannot provide evidence of required minimum experience and competence to practice cannot proceed in the registration process using this transitional route and may apply for a Certificate of Registration for a Behaviour Analyst Authorizing Supervised Practice using the Entry-Level Registration Route application.