Social Media Terms of Use

The College of Psychologists of Ontario is the governing body for Psychologists and Psychological Associates in Ontario. The College’s mandate is to protect your interests by monitoring and regulating the practice of psychology.

The College uses Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to communicate with stakeholders and share information about the College that may be of interest to members of the College and/or the public.

The following ‘Terms of Use’ apply when engaging with any of the College’s social media channels. By doing so, users acknowledge and agree to these terms of use:

  • The College will allow comments and other content from users to appear on its social media channels, unless the College determines in its sole discretion that the comments or content posted by users:
    • Are or may be racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, libelous, insulting or threatening;
    • Aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene or pornographic;
    • Offensive, abusive, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate;
    • Political;
    • Irrelevant to the post it is made under
    • Constitutes spam
    • Advertise, promote or solicit business
    • Provide personal information or information that may identify a third party
    • Discuss complaints
    • Make false or unsubstantiated allegations
    • Discuss an ongoing investigation
    • Abuse or infringe any intellectual property right
    • Written in a language other than English or French.
  • The College reserves the right at any time to remove comments or content, in whole or in part, which the College determines, in its sole discretion, does not comply with these Terms of Use.
  • Comments or posts by users on the College’s social media channels do not reflect the opinions and position of the College.
  • With a view to protecting the privacy of psychologists and psychological associates, as well as the privacy of their clients, the College will remove any form of content containing an individual’s personal information.
  • The College does not verify or confirms the accuracy of user comments or any aspect of posted content. The College is not responsible for the content of any document referred to or linked, and that content should not be viewed as an endorsement by the College.
  • Violation of any element of these Terms of Use can lead to restrictions regarding use of the College’s social media channels, including without limitation blocking a user from posting to the College’s social media channels.
  • The College endeavours to monitor its social media channels and to respond where appropriate during its regular business hours. For urgent matters please call us at (416) 961-8817.

PLEASE NOTE: The College does not address specific issues and/or complaints through any social media channel. These matters can only be handled through direct contact with the College’s Investigations and Hearings Department

For more information regarding the College’s Social Media Terms of Use, contact