Call for Peer Assisted Review Assessors

To conduct Peer Assisted Reviews, the College requires the assistance of members with a desire to take an active role in public protection by assisting their peers. Those interested in becoming College Assessors are encouraged to contact the Quality Assurance Coordinator for additional information.

Interested members will be asked to undertake the following in order to assist in the PAR program:

  • Participate in the College’s Peer Assisted Review Assessor and Reviewer training before conducting the review, if they have not already done so within one year prior to the date of the review;
  • Maintain confidentiality, as required by s.36 of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, S.O. 1991, c. 18;
  • Familiarize themselves with the Legislation, Regulations and the Standards of Professional Conduct relevant to the practice they will be reviewing.

Members must also attest that:

  • They have held a certificate of Registration for Autonomous Practice with the College of Psychologists of Ontario for at least five years;
  • They are currently in active practice as a psychologist or psychological associate;
  • They will avoid  any conflict of interest or bias, or any appearance of either, with respect to any review they conduct;
  • Neither they, nor the individual they will be reviewing, is in a position of power with respect to the other in any review conducted.

The Committee is currently requesting the assistance of those who are authorized to practice in the areas of:

  • Forensic/Correctional Psychology;
  • Rehabilitation Psychology;
  • Health Psychology;
  • Neuropsychology;
  • Clinical Psychology (particularly, although not only,  private practitioners and those  fluent in  French).