Facilitated Resolution Process (FRP)

Facilitated Resolution can allow you and the member to resolve concerns outside of the formal complaints process. FRP can take place in person, by telephone or email.

The College cannot use FRP under the following conditions:

  1. The complaint includes allegations of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct;
  2. The matter has been referred to the Discipline Committee;
  3. The member or the complainant prefers a formal investigation;
  4. The College believes public protection requires a formal process; or
  5. The College believes the allegations at issue make the process otherwise improper.

If you know you want to pursue FRP without filing a complaint, please contact the College. A Case Manager may assist you and the member to resolve your concerns. If you have already filed a complaint, the Case Manager will contact you if FRP may still be appropriate.

Any party, including the member, complainant or the College, can stop the FRP at any time. If FRP does not succeed, you have the option of filing or proceeding with your complaint. A new Case Manager will investigate the matter. None of the information gathered during the FRP will be used in the investigation.