Quality Assurance (QA) Update


All registrants of the College, except for those holding a Retired Certificate, are reminded that they must participate in continuing education and professional development activities to fulfill the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Program every two years. The “Even” two-year cycle of July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2024, will be ending this year. Registrants are reminded that all two-year cycles which began on or after July 1, 2022, require participation in at least 5 hours/credits of activities that include content pertaining to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), in the interest of avoiding practices that may unfairly discriminate against, or would be experienced as oppressive by, some individuals or groups. EDI credits may be fulfilled through the completion of activities from any of the CPD categories.

CPD Audits

The Quality Assurance Committee has begun its review of random audit submissions to verify registrant completion of the mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program requirements. Of the 49 registrants that have been notified to date, 32 files have been reviewed and disposed of without the need for further action. Additionally, 1 audit related to an overdue CPD Declaration of Completion was reviewed and addressed without the need for further action.

Panels of the Committee provided the following feedback to assist registrants in maintaining familiarity with the expectations of the CPD Program in future cycles:

  • Please document completed CPD activities accurately and observe the permitted maximums per single activity and within each activity category to fulfill the minimum requirements.
    • E.g., Review the current CPD activity requirements to ensure you are not including more than the maximum number of allowable credits.
  • Please retain supporting documentation which demonstrates attendance or participation in CPD activities within personal records or devices for a minimum of five years to prevent losing access.
    • E.g., store Quality Assurance materials on secure personal devices in the event they change organizations or employers and are unable to access them.
  • Please review and revise current professional objectives created in the Self-Assessment Guide and Continuing Professional Development Plan using the S.M.A.R.T. Framework. Ensure objectives are specific enough to guide meaningful CPD participation throughout the two-year cycle and facilitate self-reflection on goal progress to monitor outcomes.
    • E.g., Registrants should develop an adequate number of  professional objectives in the Professional Development Plan portion of their Self-Assessment Guides, to ensure they are addressing the knowledge gaps or areas of professional development they have identified.


The 2024 Self-Assessment Guide and Continuing Professional Development Plan is currently under revision and will be posted to the College website in May. Autonomous Practice, Academic, and Inactive registrants with numerically even registration numbers, as well as all Supervised Practice and Interim Autonomous Practice registrants, will be required to download and complete the 2024 SAG and submit a Declaration of Completion attesting to this.

Registrants are encouraged to participate in self-assessment as frequently as they wish outside of the required timelines and should revise their Professional Development Plans, as needed, to ensure they are addressing newly identified knowledge or skill gaps as they arise.

SAG Reviews

The Committee has conducted two reviews related to registrant compliance with the College’s self-assessment requirements during the past quarter. In one case, the matter was referred to the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee of the College for investigation, due to outstanding concerns which could not be addressed within the scope of the Quality Assurance Committee. In one case, the matter was concluded without the need for further action.

There are two matters related to compliance with the College’s self-assessment requirements pending Committee review.


The College’s online system is under development. New information will be shared with registrants in the coming months on how to make electronic Declarations of Completion for the Quality Assurance Program in 2024.

Discontinuation of CPD COVID-19 Alternate Declaration of Completion

The Alternate Declaration option which was established at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to allow registrants to attest to the partial completion of the program requirements will be discontinued on July 1, 2024. The Committee has noted that pandemic related restrictions have been lifted and continuing education and professional development activities can be completed through new and returning delivery methods. Registrants required to make a CPD Declaration of Completion this year for the “Even” July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2024, cycle will be the last to have access to this option.

The Committee remains dedicated to administering the Quality Assurance Program in an equitable manner. It will continue to respond to registrant-specific matters concerning ability to complete the CPD Program requirements while upholding its mandate to protect the public interest.


PAR Status Update

The College continues to address a backlog of ongoing Peer Assisted Reviews created by past restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. For the most part, this is due to the number of reviews outstanding and the number of Assessors available to conduct reviews. This difficulty has been compounded because recently reviewed individuals, of whom there are now relatively few,  often agree to serve as Assessors. Registrants who have an interest in conducting Reviews are encouraged to contact the Quality Assurance Coordinator for information about eligibility. 

During the last quarter, three Peer Assisted Reviews were completed, with Assessor reports considered by a Panel of the Committee. In all cases, the Panel believed, based upon information detailed in reports, that the registrants demonstrated adherence to the Standards of the profession within their practices.  

There are 19 remaining reviews to be scheduled or resumed following previous deferrals.


The Quality Assurance Committee has begun its review of the College’s existing Quality Assurance Program and will propose long-term revisions that will better assist Psychologists, Psychological Associates, and Behaviour Analysts in maintaining their professional knowledge, skill and judgment. Long-term revisions made to the program will be in accordance with the governing legislation and aim to create a streamlined approach for registrant participation in self-assessment and continuing professional development.

The Committee has also begun collaborative work with members of the College’s Applied Behaviour Analysis Working Group to prepare shorter-term revisions to the program before  July 1, 2024, in order to facilitate ease of  satisfaction of the mandatory Quality Assurance Program requirements for all registrants. One unified Quality Assurance Program will ensure that the requirements are applicable, beneficial, and achievable for practitioners of Psychology and/or Applied Behaviour Analysis.