Psychological Associate Section F – Acceptable Post-Master’s Work Experience

Registration Guidelines

UPDATED: April 2019

According to Section 16. (1) 2. of the Registration Regulation, it is a non-exemptible registration requirement that the applicant must have completed a period of supervised post-master’s work experience. The minimum amount of experience is four years (48 months) consisting of 1500 practice hours per year for a total of 6000 hours. If the experience is accumulated over a period of more than four years, it must nevertheless total 6000 hours.

All of the experience must be supervised by a regulated member of the profession of psychology in accordance with the College’s Standards of Professional Conduct for supervision, or the equivalent standards in another jurisdiction. It is expected that the 6000 hours of experience will be a learning opportunity with active participation in professional activities and development of a professional identity. The experience cannot take place in the applicants’ own private practice.

To document the 6000 hours of supervision, the applicant must arrange for their supervisor(s) to submit a completed Post-Master’s Work Confirmation Form directly to the College. 

Individuals are encouraged to apply for registration shortly after the master’s degree is completed in order to be identified by the College as eligible to proceed with registration. Although, at that point, the certificate for supervised practice cannot be issued, the individual becomes eligible to take both the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and the Jurisprudence and Ethics Examination (JEE). In addition, if the College determines that a Training Plan is required, this Training Plan can take place during the 6000 hours of work experience.