Applications Opening for ABA Transitional Routes, Preregistration Date Announced

The College of Psychologists of Ontario is pleased to announce that on April 2, 2024, preregistration for the profession of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) will open.

At this time, those who meet the registration requirements for Transitional Route #1 and Transitional Route #2, will be able to apply to the College.  The goal of the preregistration period is to ensure that qualified Behaviour Analysts can continue to practice and provide services to their clients as of the date of proclamation and after. Please note that the Entry-Level Registration Route application will not open during the preregistration period.

Individuals who are unsure about whether they qualify for Transitional Route #2 may find it helpful to complete the Self-Screening Tool to determine if they will need to apply to the College. To view the Self-Screening Tool, click here.

Once preregistration opens, a link to the application portal will appear in the ABA portal. Applicants will be required to create an account and then select the application form for either Transitional Route #1 or Transitional Route #2. Psychologists and Psychological Associates who are members of the College will access the application portal via their existing member account.

In the meantime, applicants are encouraged to submit supporting documents, e.g. transcript(s), BACB® verification letter, and letters of good standing from other regulatory Colleges/Boards (if applicable). The relevant organization must send these supporting documents directly to the College by email (preferred) or mail:

By Email to:

By Mail to:

The College of Psychologists of Ontario

110 Eglinton Ave West, Suite 500

Toronto, ON

M4R 1A3

Applicants may email their Vulnerable Sector Check to the College or upload it to their application form after preregistration opens. Please contact the College if your region does not issue Vulnerable Sector Checks for registration purposes.

Other information for potential members and the public about the upcoming regulation of the profession, including the Registration Guidelines for each registration route, can be found in the ABA Portal on the College’s website.  The College website is the only source that should be relied on for information regarding the registration process, and use of any other source of information is at the applicant’s sole risk.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario looks forward to welcoming Behaviour Analysts to its membership in July 2024.

Further enquiries should be directed to