Preparing for Applied Behavour Analysis (ABA) Regulation Update

The College has reached another major milestone for welcoming Behaviour Analysts into what will be the new College of Psychologists and Behaviour Analysts of Ontario. On April 2, 2024, pre-registration opened for Behaviour Analysts applying via Transitional Routes 1 and 2. The College was pleased to receive hundreds of applications within the first week of preregistration. College staff are working hard to process applications and respond to enquiries.

The application portal is here: https://applications.cpbao.ca. Psychologists and Psychological Associates who are members of the College will access the application portal via their existing member account. Entry Level Route will not open during preregistration. These applications will open after the pre-registration period closes, on July 1, 2024.  

Applicants can visit the FAQ and How to Apply: ABA pages of the College’s website for further information about becoming registered as a Behaviour Analyst in Ontario. Please refer to the Registration Guidelines for Transitional Route 1, Transitional Route 2, and the Entry Level Route (Supervised Practice) for information specific to each route.

In other news, the College and the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis (ONTABA) released a joint video information session on April 10, 2024: https://cpbao.ca/video-session-establishing-regulations-of-behaviour-analysts-in-ontario-cpo-x-ontaba/

Applicants with questions related to the application process for Behaviour Analysts can contact the College at aba@cpbao.ca. Due to the high volume of applications, it may take longer than typical to receive a response.