Preparing for Applied Behavour Analysis (ABA) Update

We are one step closer to welcoming Behaviour Analysts to the College. Proposed Regulation amendments, which will enable the College to regulate the profession of Applied Behaviour Analysis, have been circulated for comment. These include amendments to O. Reg. 74/15 Registration, which sets out registration requirements for applicants entering practice for the first time, as well as time-limited transitional (or grandparenting) provisions, to allow qualified practising Behaviour Analysts to apply for registration. Amendments to O. Reg. 801/93 Professional Misconduct and O. Reg 209/94 General (Quality Assurance and Advertising) are also being circulated.

Your feedback is important!  If you have not already done so, please review the consultation documents and provide your comments to the College using the survey, or e-mail address, posted together with the consultation materials.  The deadline to submit your feedback is December 2, 2022.  Many thanks to those who have already provided their comments.

The College has now posted a self-screening tool on its ABA portal, to assist practitioners in the field of behaviour analysis, therapy, or intervention in determining if they will need to apply for registration with the, yet to be proclaimed, College of Psychologists and Behaviour Analysts of Ontario.

FAQs are also available on the ABA portal, and these are regularly updated to address the many questions the College receives regarding the regulation of Behaviour Analysts.