Who we are

The College of Psychologists and Behaviour Analysts of Ontario is the governing body for psychological and applied behaviour analysis practitioners in Ontario. The College is not a university, school or community college; its mandate is to protect the public interest by monitoring and regulating the practice of psychology and applied behaviour analysis.

Through the participation of the public and the profession, the College ensures the delivery of competent, ethical and professional services from qualified providers.

The Council of the College consists of thirteen to fifteen professional members elected or appointed by the profession from across the province and eight to thirteen members of the public appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The Council sets policies and provides leadership and direction.  The Council meets four times a year and meetings are open to the public.

The structure of the College reflects its varied roles in fulfilling its public protection mandate.  Through its Committees, the College carries out its various responsibilities:

  • Setting requirements for entry to practice and administering the oral and written registration examinations;
  • Registering qualified applicants;
  • Setting and monitoring practice standards and ethical behaviour of the profession;
  • Administering the Quality Assurance program and ensuring continued competence of the profession;
  • Providing educational materials and information to the public and the profession regarding the practice of psychology and applied behaviour analysis;
  • Investigating complaints and addressing concerns about the quality of service delivered or the professional conduct of the practitioner.

As responsible members of the profession, Psychologists, Psychological Associates and Behaviour Analysts adhere to the Standards of Professional Conduct of the College and are accountable to the public to provide ethical and competent services.