Preparing for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Regulation Update

The College continues its work to bring the profession of Applied Behaviour Analysis into regulation as a health profession in Ontario. While the College awaits the Ministry of Health’s approval of the proposed amendments to Registration Regulation (O. Reg. 74/15), General Regulation (O. Reg. 209/94) and Professional Misconduct Regulation (O. Reg. 801/93), the ABA Working Group continues to draft the Standards of Practice and the many policies that will inform implementation of the regulations, once they are in effect.

The College does not yet have a definite date for when it can begin to accept applications. When the registration requirements are finalized and the regulation-making process nears completion, but before the new Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis Act, 2021 is proclaimed, pre-registration will begin.  At that time, Behaviour Analysts currently in practice, and new graduates, who meet the registration requirements, will be able to apply to the College.  The goal of the pre-registration period is to ensure that qualified Behaviour Analysts can continue to practice and provide services to their clients as of the date of proclamation and after, ensuring continuity of care.

The College is working on the development, implementation, and administration of an examination of knowledge or competence to be used for registration purposes. In March, the College struck a committee of subject matter experts from the ABA profession to begin developing the examination, and this process will continue over the coming months.

You are invited to visit the College’s ABA portal for updates and FAQs as they become available.